Friday, March 21, 2008

unmasked muscle hunk. quentin elias jacks off his big dick for randy blue

i am so glad randy blue shot big q a.k.a quentin elias without his mask. i featured quentin elias masked last week. the vid was hot but this one is hotter. quentin elias is a master jerker or is it jacker. his nice cock is all lubed up and jacking his big dick. from his facial expressions it looks like he'll cum quickly but he lasts a long time. i like men to last. quentin is so sexy. (click on big q or quentin elias labels to see the previous posts of quentin). some people confuse him with alex castro that plays on american gladitors. they look nothing alike.

click on randy blue to watch big q a.k.a quentin elias cum all over his hard, six pack abs.

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